Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra

Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra

Agency   Bowstern

Role  UX + UI + Developer

The Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra (TSO) is a renowned cultural institution with a rich history of delivering exceptional classical music performances to the community. However, their online presence was outdated, making it challenging for users to engage with their events, purchase tickets, and access performance details easily. The TSO recognized the need for a website redesign to enhance user experience and better serve their audience.

Client Needs

Outdated Design: The old website had a clunky design with poor navigation, making it difficult for users to find relevant information quickly.

Inefficient Ticket Purchasing: The ticket purchasing process was cumbersome and not user-friendly, resulting in low conversion rates.

Limited Event Registration: Users had difficulty registering for events or workshops due to a lack of clear instructions and forms.

Incomplete Performance Details: Performance details such as venue information, repertoire, and artist bios were scattered across multiple pages, causing confusion for visitors.

Success Points

Modern Design Overhaul: Collaborated with a team of UX/UI designers to revamp the website with a clean and modern design, featuring intuitive navigation and visually appealing layouts.

User-Friendly Ticketing System: Integrated a user-friendly ticketing system that allows users to easily browse upcoming events, select seats, and complete their purchase within a few clicks. Implementing a guest checkout option also reduced friction for first-time buyers.

Simplified Event Registration: Implemented a straightforward event registration process with clear instructions and user-friendly forms. Users can easily RSVP for events and receive confirmation emails with event details and instructions.

Comprehensive Performance Pages: Consolidated performance details onto dedicated event pages, including venue information, repertoire, artist bios, and ticketing links. This centralized approach provides users with all the necessary information in one place, improving the overall user experience.

Improved User Engagement: The redesigned website received positive feedback from users, with an increase in engagement metrics such as page views, time spent on site, and return visits.


In conclusion, the redesign of the Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra website successfully addressed the challenges faced by the old website and improved the overall user experience, resulting in increased engagement, ticket sales, and event registrations. The collaboration between UX/UI designers, developers, and TSO stakeholders played a crucial role in achieving these results and ensuring the website meets the needs of its audience effectively.

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